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Welcome to Fire Keeper!

This project was developed for the 2019 Global Game Jam. The theme was 'what does home mean to you?'. Our submission explores this idea with a story focused experience designed to reflect the structure of a children's picture book while still engaging the player. 

Fire Keeper is about a young tribal man named 'Wolf' who is returning home and looking for his family.

Thanks for playing, if you find any bugs please let me know.


Andrew Stewart: Programming, feature design.

Gabriela Woch: Character art, animation.

Matt L Burges: UI Art, 2D art, level design.

Tom Fabry: Prop and environment art.

3rd party assets credited in game.


Fire Keeper.zip 62 MB


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Hey! Thank you for playing the game, I assume, as you've commented on the page. 

If you have any thoughts or feedback, it would be very much appreciated.


Fire Keeper Team

HIIIIIIIII, thanks for the cool game! I have not play it yet but I will soon, and ill be back to give feedback. :)